Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wednesday - CCS

Today was day three at CCS, and we were back at the same projects: a rusted out swing, main fence along the property, porch work, and one of the upstairs toddler rooms.

After lunch we toured the Business Office of the Lutheran Church in the Philippines, and the old Lutheran Hour Ministries building across the street.

On that same campus is Gloria Dei Lutheran Church and School (yeah I know I talked about it a few days ago, but it was more in depth today).  We walked around and met some of the 83 students on site and the principal.  Tuition is roughly $500 per year per student, including books.  They don't have the best technology, but they're still getting a wonderful Christian education.  God bless them and what they've been doing for 41 years!

When we got back to CCS, we presented the staff and kids with a couple baptismal gowns that Alice Anderson had made.  They were beautiful and painstakingly made with love.  The Lutheran Church in the Philippines has a special partnership with CCS, and they often baptize the orphans, so we hope these gifts to be a blessing.  While we gave them away, we read through Ephesians 1:3-8, and talked about how each of us was lost and without hope before God.  We were adopted (v.5) through our baptisms into God's family, when He chose us, and saved us from sin and death.  What an awesome picture of God our Father adopting we sat in an orphanage!

Then we had a birthday cake for Rachel (Happy 13th!), and moved outdoors to hang out with the street kids.  Today we talked about David and Goliath, and how God uses us even if we don't feel worthy or strong enough.  Big thanks to Tom Anderson for playing Goliath and falling from a 3 foot ledge onto the ground when little David took a shot at him.

Then it was back to the Hospice to eat some dinner.  This time we had some local foods, and a great Mexican dinner made by our missionary Sean Harlow.

Devotion tonight dove into John 13:5-17 and how we have a God who's very nature is that of a servant.  Jesus constantly took it upon Himself to serve and love, despite being the eternal God.  We can serve, because God first served us.  Matthew 25:40 reminded us that whenever we show the love to others that we have in our hearts, we're ultimately showing that love to Jesus.  What an awesome blessing!  Great day, great memories.  Tonight marks our halfway point of the trip.  Everyone is in great spirits and happy to be here.  It's a reality check and God keeps working wonders.  Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Looks like you guys are doing amazing work and being great witnesses. Keep it up. Wonderful blogging James!!