Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Back Home!

After about 24 hours of travel time, most of the TLC mission team has returned safely.  Cindy, Rachel, and Linda stayed behind for a day in Davao to see a few sites from when they grew up as missionary kids in the area.  They'll also be going to Hong Kong and plan to return towards the end of next week.  Thanks to everyone involved in organizing and implementing this mission project, God did great things and made awesome connections for future ministry!  We'll be back!


  1. I read through this blog and looked at the pictures with great interest. I'm the son of a former LCMS missionary in the Philippines. I recognized so many of the places. After a while I even realized who Cindy must be, since I certainly know who was pastor at Grace Lutheran. Ed was about my age and I remember the name Cindy but can't recall exactly where she fit in age-wise. I'd appreciate getting in touch with the people who organized this trip because I'd like to make a return visit sometime soon.

  2. Hm, just in case you can't find my e-mail address, you can use